At Radii AG, we recognise that each bespoke project comes with a set of designs and challenges. So our experienced team in the design and installation of glass, supported by our in-house design department, will work with you on the most visionary and dynamic of projects, guaranteeing the smooth running of your project throughout the whole process.


The Radii AG team engages with clients from the initial concept stage, through to preparation of full working drawings. Always offering design-led solutions that consider glass as a building material with known properties, rather than a standard product.

Along the journey, there will always be a number of technical solutions to meet the designer’s vision and our mission is to develop the design into a working solution that satisfies everyone whilst, being delivered within budget. Therefore, our design team uses 3D rendering, BIM modelling and 3D printing to help the client envisage the completed design.


Radii AG has extensive experience working with glass and is aware of its strengths and limitations. To ensure we keep your structure safe and functioning at its optimum level, we provide both pre-tender technical assistance as well as ongoing support throughout the project. Our services include NBS specification writing, structural Modelling, analysis and full technical support.


Radii Architectural Glass has a dedicated Contracts team to ensure the continuity and smooth running of projects. This team includes our in-house Health & Safety Director, Project Managers, Site Managers and internal Project Coordinators. Our Project Management teams are always available to discuss projects in depth, at any stage of the process. Main Contractors will be provided with all of the necessary project specific documentation and can procure materials from our Approved Supply Chain.


Radii AG assure its staff and customers the best possible health and safety care, whilst fulfilling its corporate responsibility obligations. The company’s CRS Policy outlines the principles encompassed in all areas of its operations. 

Employees are provided with the training and support they need to realise their potential and in turn, they adhere to the company’s codes of conduct; maintaining the highest standards of integrity, committed to providing safe, value for money, high quality, consistent, accessible and reliable products and services to its customers.

The Policy also details employment guidelines and benefits including: equal opportunities and diversity, the company’s commitment to adhering to the relevant codes of corporate governance and international standards, relevant to its business. 

The wellbeing, health and safety of employees and customers is of paramount importance to us, which underpins all operations based on the principle that any incident or injury can be prevented. In practice, Radii AG is dedicated to eliminating accidents by setting clear guidelines to all staff and sub-contractors.



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